Study confirms that the Canadian #glutenfree threshold is sound and protective

A study Estimated Levels of Gluten Incidentally Present in a Canadian Gluten-Free Diet, using most up to date information . The study examined several scenarios of gluten exposure experienced by Canadians with Celiac disease, following a gluten free diet. The study confirms that with a threshold set at 20 ppm of gluten in “gluten free foods” as adopted by Health Canada, Canadians’ exposure to gluten residues would be maintained at levels lower than 10 mg per day, which is the clinical gluten threshold currently established for individuals with Celiac disease. The study also identifies areas of priority for food commodities targeted and consumed by Canadians with Celiac disease. These commodities need to be consistently maintained Gluten free i.e. levels of gluten detected should consistently be lower than 20 ppm (mg/kg).