APEC Food Safety Cooperation Forum : High level Regulator Industry Dialogue – Towards stronger partnership to promote #foodsafety in the region

On September 12th, 2014, the Asia Pacific Food Safety Cooperation Forum (FSCF) co-chaired by China and Australia convened food regulators, industry representatives, academia and other food stakeholders in the region to a “High Level Regulator Industry Dialogue on food safety” on the margin of the organization of the special meeting of the FSCF held on September 13th in Beijing.

2014.9.12Participants acknowledged the complementary nature of roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders in particular of industry and regulators in ensuring food safety and discussed avenues to enhance such collaboration.


IMG-20140912-00042Participants agreed to make 4 recommendations to the FSCF:

  • To enhance communication and collaboration between food safety regulators and industry under the auspices of the FSCF, recognizing the benefits of public-private partnerships,
  • To ensure that food safety regulators continue their commitment to transparency in policy development, in adopting good regulatory practices, the use of science-based international food safety standards and the opportunity for industry and stakeholder engagement in developing food regulatory measures,
  • To enhance ability of the food industry and food industry associations in the region to comply with food safety requirements, standards and best practices through dedicated capacity building activities with a possible focus on small and medium enterprises and
  • To enhance capabilities of APEC member economies and food industry using the established FSCF Partnership Training Institute Network (PTIN).

These recommendations were considered and supported by representatives of APEC member economies during the meeting of the FSCF held on September 13th, 2014. Enhancing collaboration between food stakeholders to support food safety will be one of the themes further discussed at the next meeting of the FSCF hosted by the Philippines in 2015.

2 thoughts on “APEC Food Safety Cooperation Forum : High level Regulator Industry Dialogue – Towards stronger partnership to promote #foodsafety in the region

  1. Dear Sam,

    I am writing from the Australian Institute of Food Science & Technology. We have a new online journal called Food Asia Pacific and I am writing a piece on this APEC food safety Forum. I noticed you have a keen interest in this and was wondering whether we could have a chat on the phone or email about the what you think will be achieved from this forum. Please let me know if that would be convenient.

    Many thanks

    Stef worsley

    • Apologies for the late reaction Stef. I do welcome a discussion on this topic (perhaps jointly with our Australian partners in Food Standards Australia New-Zealand, who leading this initiative).
      Happy to connect by phone as required (please e-mail me on my hc e-mail: samuel.godefroy@hc-sc.gc.ca to continue exchange on this topic)
      Best – Sam

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