Glad to contribute in #AOAC Int’l efforts to focus its priorities on food safety

I had the privilege of contributing to an expert panel discussion held under the auspices of the stakeholder group advising AOAC International on food standard development. The panel discussion was held ahead of AOAC’s annual meeting on Sept. 7th. I was accompanied on this panel by two illustrious colleagues and food safety experts, Dr. David Acheson (Acheson Group) and Dr. Bob Bracket ( Institute for Food Safety and Health). This was an opportunity to discuss drivers of change governing food safety and leading to emerging food safety issues. These efforts are part of an on-going discussion undertaken by AOAC and its stakeholder community leading to consider food safety as an area of focus for its food-related method development and validation initiatives.
My contribution focused on emerging issues associated with food chemical safety and the newly introduced notion of nutrition safety.

For more information on the AOAC Food Safety initiative, please contact Dawn Frazier, Executive for scientific business development.

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