Meet #foodallergen experts at the Health Canada/FARRP Workshop

It is still possible to register and participate in the upcoming Health Canada / FARRP workshop on food allergen methodologies, to be held in Vancouver in about 2 weeks and supported by the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

Details on the workshop were previously made available on this blog.

Latest Program of the 8th Health Canada / FARRP Workshop on Food Allergen Methodologies

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to meet with world renowned experts in this field and will support stakeholders’ efforts to enhance the management of allergens in food processing practices.

The workshop will also gather representatives of food regulatory agencies from around the world and in particular from the Asia Pacific Region.

Food industry representatives will be able to register for a one day participation, at a reduced cost. This workshop is organised every two years by Health Canada’s Food Directorate and FARRP and represents a unique opportunity of networking and experience sharing in the field of allergen management in the food industry.

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