Three Consumer and health organisations express support for Canada’s Codex bid

Consumer protection is at the heart of the Codex mandate. It includes protecting consumers’ health worldwide from potential food borne risks through the development of the corresponding science-driven standards. It also includes the protection of consumers from possible deception and fraud related to the composition, identity and labeling of food products traded internationally, through the relevant commodity-based and labeling standards.

I was touched by the support expressed by three (3) major national health and consumer organisations for my candidacy to seek the chair  position of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, at the upcoming July 2014 election.

The support of my nomination by organisations such as the Heart and Stroke FoundationAnaphylaxis Canada or the Canadian Public Health Association is another testament to Canada’s commitment to providing collaborative and impartial leadership to Codex.  It is also recognition by these public health and consumer organisations of the importance of Codex in shaping a consumer protection agenda that supports public health and increased confidence in the safety and integrity of the food supply traded worldwide.

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